If you have any questions please ring Geoff on: 079 4110 0762 or email geoffbiggs@westbourneparkfamilycentre.org.uk

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At Club 'Xpress we want children to have fun, learn something new, make new friends and feel safe.

Friday Club 'Xpress is for children aged 6-11 yrs, open every Friday from 5.30-7.00pm during school terms. We play games, create, express ideas, learn, mix and have fun. Older youth volunteer to support the club, acting as positive role models. to All children get a piece of fruit, biscuit and water during the session which costs 50p.

Holiday Club 'Xpress provides fun and care for children aged 5-11 during the half term week from Wednesday to Friday in February, June and October.

Ofsted have given our work a good rating. Here is what they say:

The provider is committed to providing a high-quality service for children.

Children are warmly welcomed into this friendly, caring environment. Staff are kind, form sensitive bonds with children, and support their emotional well-being effectively.

Children of all ages play cooperatively together. For example, staff have implemented a buddy system to ensure younger children benefit from the support of older children.

Children show high levels of engagement and staff build effectively on the existing skills that children are learning at school, to support their future learning.