Toy Bags

Educational Toy Bags available for 0-4 years olds

You are very welcome to request 1 Toy Bag for each child and up to 2 bags per family for 1 week. This can be extended to 2 weeks by request.

The Toy Bags can be booked through the registration form below. We will then contact you to arrange a pick up from the centre, or a drop off to your home if you are unable to pick them up, within a 1 mile radius of the building.

Toys and bags will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and kept for 72 hours before lending out again. The bags will contain a 'safe note' in them. Contents of bags may vary slightly with photo.

Turquoise Bag - Baby Toys

Yellow Bag - Puzzles

Blue Bag - Building Blocks

Black Bag - Books

Big Blue Bag - Dolls & Pram

Orange Bag - Electronic Toys

Red Bag - Transport